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Tue Jul 27 16:39:50 BST 1999

On Tue, Jul 27, 1999 at 03:04:21PM +0100, P.A.Osborne wrote:
> > this is just an idea. so please don't get mad or over the top.
> OK.
> > How do this user group get its funding ??
> Dunno

No funding yet, other that what the members put in themselves.

> > the head of this user group should download the latest version of freebsd 
> > and burn it on to cd. Then they should sell it for a fiver or something
> Hmmm,  do they want the responsibility?  Do they want to 'mirror' 
> walnut creek releases that most of us use and love?

It costs quite a lot to make a master disk, and how many copies should we
burn?  The Walnut creak distribution consists of 4 disks.
> > for one, i would buy it from the user group, since my internet connection at 
> > home is only 33.6 and I don't have a credit card etc.
> > The nearest place for me to buy freebsd is Walnut. Since we have a company 
> > of there and we just order stuff, get it send to them and every 6 months or 
> > so, some one from here will go over there and pick everything up. IN the end 
> > i costed me about a couple 100 quid to get freebsd from the USA and I would 
> > like somewhere closer to get it from and cheaper too.
What we could do is place a bulk order from Walnut for the disks and then resell
them in the UK so as to save postage.
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