PNP modem woes

Paul Rose paul at
Tue Jul 27 13:33:23 BST 1999

Previously, Mark Ovens said:
: This sounds horribly like a WinModem. If it is then it's not going
: to work under FreeBSD. It requires Windows, as the OS performs the
: function of the hardware (DSP?) in a real modem. Check this out
: before wasting any more time with it (if it doesn't say explicitly
: in the documentation, a clue that it *isn't* a Winmodem is if it
: can work under DOS).

As it happens, it was a Winmodem. :( I guess it was just a combination 
of not being told what it was, and me not reading the newsgroups, and 
mailing lists properly.

That said, has anyone any recommendations for a good modem that'll 
work under FreeBSD, preferably 56k; that I can pass on to my friend.

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