PNP modem woes

Paul Rose paul at
Mon Jul 26 22:04:01 BST 1999

I got my first convert so to speak a few weeks ago, and helped
him install FreeBSD on server at home, which had an old ISA modem
in at the time; for which I setup (userland) PPP. Having left 
quite content, a week or two later he bought a PNP modem, and since
then my friend has been unable to get it to work. I've made several 
suggestions, and read through the handbook, but not being too
familiar with PPP and modems under FreeBSD am not doing to well
at helping over the phone. :(

The PNP modem works fine under windows (his machine dual boots),
so its just a case of getting it configured under FreeBSD.
Initially the modem wasn't found when it booted, so he followed the
instructions in the handbook, obtaining the hexcode from performing 
pnpscan -v, and added it to the structure siopnp_ids in 
/sys/i386/isa/sio.c. Installed the new kernel, and it still
wasn't detected. After getting him to boot with boot -c, to enter
the 'pnp ...' line, he claimed he wsa unable to get this to work
too - I haven't got the exact line that was entered though. :( 
In the process of doing this though he enabled sio2 and sio3, of 
which sio3 was detected when it booted; where his modem is on the 
equivalent of under Windows.

Having got him to check the appropriate devices were under /dev,
he changed /etc/ppp/ppp.conf. When he starts PPP it hangs, and 
then fails. He believes that his modem might not work under the 
'generic' entry in /etc/modem but not knowing much about getting 
modem's and PPP working under FreeBSD I'm beginning to flounder. :(
He's running 3.2-RELEASE, and his /etc/modem file is the default
from the install, and /etc/remote is the same, apart from copies
of entries for /dev/cuaa1 duplicated and changed for /dev/cuaa3.
It's a Dynamode modem, and he believes that it is an AT&T. 

I know I haven't given enough details, but I'm not entirely sure 
what else is appropriate, and the obvious problems of relaying 
someone elses problem (when you can't look at it yourself) adds 
to the lack of it. I've had a good look through the freebsd-questions 
list, and also DejaNews, and can't find anything of much more help 
than I got from the handbook and FAQ. So any suggestions or ideas 
would be welcome.

Paul Rose, paul at               PGP Key Available

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