PnP guidance required

Richard Smith richard at
Sun Jul 25 19:51:39 BST 1999

Doug Rabson wrote:
> On Sun, 25 Jul 1999, Richard Smith wrote:
> > Can anyone suggest a "best practice" for PnP cards, and if applicable,
> > give me an example of how to configure PnP hardware (automatically) at
> > boot time?
> With the current drivers, the best approach is to tell your BIOS that you
> *don't* have a PnP capable OS. This is because the current PnP code in
> FreeBSD can't assign addresses to devices and relies on the bios to do the
> job. This will change when Cameron Grant and I commit the new sound and
> PnP code respectively.

Doug, thanks for the prompt response.

I think I've convinced the bios to configure the cards for me. pnpinfo
now agrees with my kernel config for all except the 16-bit dma (I can't
see where it's mentioned???) and it has put midi at 0x300 instead of
0x330. Don't you just love PnP. 

I've just tried it with raplayer3.0 again, and it played for about 0.5s
before freezing and complaining about a DMA timeout. So there is still
probably a DMA or IRQ problem somewhere.

Oh, I've just seen something interesting in the pcm(4) man page, not
that I'm using that driver at the moment, but it says that the Vibra16X
uses two 8-bit DMA ports rather than one 8-bit and one 16-bit. Maybe
that's whats confusing me, and maybe the sbxvi0 driver cannot handle
8-bit DMA. No wonder that pnpinfo is specifying two low 8-bit DMA

I will try sbxvi0 with drq3 and if that fails, I will try pcm0 instead
of snd0.

Thanks for your help, I'll let the listeners know if I get it going.

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