PnP guidance required

Richard Smith richard at
Sun Jul 25 12:27:58 BST 1999

Since listening to Jordans radio interview the other day, I thought I'd
try and get sound working on my home FreeBSD box. I've installed a new
SB Pro PnP sound card (which pnpinfo calls a Creative ViBRA16X PnP).
I've got the pnp0 controller, the snd0 controller, and the sb0, sbxvi0
and sbmidi0 devices compiled into the kernel.

How do you convince the hardware and the drivers to use the same IRQ?

pnpinfo implies that IRQ 5 is a "good configuration", but (I think) that
10 is current being used. The sb0 driver is set to IRQ 5. man pnp(4)
suggests a number of commands that I should be able to use to configure
the hardware at boot time. But since the boot blocks changed a few
releases ago, I'm not sure now, how to proceed.

Can anyone suggest a "best practice" for PnP cards, and if applicable,
give me an example of how to configure PnP hardware (automatically) at
boot time?

Many thanks,
Richard Smith.

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