Multiple Ethernet Cards and Backups

Evan Smith smithec at
Thu Jul 22 11:46:28 BST 1999

I've just installed a FreeBSD 3.2 server with 4 Ethernet Cards.  Each
has its own IP address and entry in /etc/rc.conf . I keep getting the
following messages on the system console:

"Jul 22 09:41:24 Intranet /Kernel :  arp: is on de0 but
got reply from 08:00:20:96:ce:48 on de2" is a router and de0 and de3 are 2 of the ethernet cards.
There are loads of these messages with various combinations of cards and
IP addresses.

As far as I can tell the Ethernet Cards are working fine.

Are these messages normal?

Why are the messages appearing?

How do I stop them appearing and correct any problem?


I would like to schedule some backup routines overnight.  Can anyone
recommend the best way to schedule batch files.  In AIX I can use
crontabs which schedule files to run at variuos times and with various
options.  Is there a similar system with FreeBSD?

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