Using a mail account on dogma

Mark Ovens markov at
Tue Jul 20 20:26:56 BST 1999

I know this is a dumb question, but what is the best way to use my
newly created mail account on dogma (thanks Lee!)?

I sent a test mail to mark at and of course I can
read it by rsh'ing to dogma and running ``mail'', but how do I use
mutt (on my local machine) to read it?

I set up pop_user etc in .muttrc:

set pop_host=''
set pop_user='mark'
set pop_pass='who_knows'
set pop_delete

but I just get

connect: Connection refused (errno = 61)

I suppose that's because there's no POP server running on dogma?

So, how to do it?

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