Planet Online use of Linux

Richard Smith richard at
Thu Jul 15 12:06:13 BST 1999

Mark Blackman wrote:
> Although I'm a tickled-pink long-time FreeBSD user, if Linux can cover all the
> bases as well as *BSD *and* get loads of commercial support, it's a pretty
> difficult objective argument to say that you should ever use *BSD in
> preference to Linux, except for the case of legacy BSD systems or subjective
> personal preference.

I disagree. I think there are lots of objective reasons to choose BSD
over Linux or NT for specific cases. Coming from an NT background, I
originally focussed on FreeBSD for three simple reasons, i) I wanted
Intel architecture, ii) I wanted a BSD style licence, and iii) I wanted
a reference implementation of the TCP/IP stack. NetBSD and OpenBSD had a
look-in, but Linux didn't stand a chance.

I guess if I wanted a trendy young UNIX-like OS with the largest (or is
that the loudest) user base and consequential wider breadth of supported
h/w and s/w, I might have chosen Linux :)


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