Planet Online use of Linux

Mark Blackman tmb at
Thu Jul 15 11:04:55 BST 1999

Fair enough, I was just curious what the "attitude" of ISPs is regarding the
appropriate platforms to run for different internal ISP functions.

Although I'm a tickled-pink long-time FreeBSD user, if Linux can cover all the
bases as well as *BSD *and* get loads of commercial support, it's a pretty
difficult objective argument to say that you should ever use *BSD in
preference to Linux, except for the case of legacy BSD systems or subjective
personal preference.

anyway, as long as FreeBSD continues to evolve in the direction of
performance and robustness and POLA I'll be sticking with it.


In message <378D9EBC.6A760966 at>, Richard Smith writes:
>Mark Blackman wrote:
>> Is Linux (in any guise) as suitable for a (big) ISP as *BSD?
>> I was under the impression that conventional wisdom would answer
>> "no" to this question.
>And I suspect that most of that conventional wisdom emanates from the
>BSD camp. I would expect that the Linux camp would have the opposite
>view, with the NT camp thinking we're both crazy.
>IMHO BSD vs. Linux vs. NT is 10% objective and 90% subjective.
>I prefer BSD (however, I have _never_ _ever_ been anywhere near a Linux
>box), but then again, I _know_ I'm crazy ;)

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