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mike at Chook.Demon.Co.UK mike at Chook.Demon.Co.UK
Thu Jul 1 18:30:41 BST 1999

> If you do decide to go for FreeBSD find a copy of 3.2 first.
> There have been five versions released since the one that you've got.

That's true, but it's also worth pointing out that even an early version of 
FreeBSD would give better screen resolution, handle modems, soundcards, 
etc. than Paul experienced.


I don't know what proportion of the UK group learnt all about UNIX from 
installing FreeBSD on a home machine.  Everyone has their own reason for 
installing it, and learning about UNIX, even using it as a replacement for 
Windows is viable (though I'm using Outlook on Windows 98 right now, cos 
I'll use anything, even MVS).  But unless you really have little interest 
in using your PC other than to learn about computing you're probably not 
going to want to ditch Windows straight away; it's not like changing cars. 
 FreeBSD can handle many things, but your normal human can absorb all the 
new information needed to do it well in less than a couple of months. So if 
you've got the space install FreeBSD alongside Windows, or even buy another 
disk to put it on, better still another PC (it really is good enough to buy 
a 2nd PC to run it on!)

Michael Saunby

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