Upgrading to FreeBSD 3.2 etc

Ben Smithurst ben
Tue Aug 31 21:49:47 BST 1999

Mark Ovens wrote:

> I guess it's what you're used to. I got introduced to UNIX on a
> Sun386i (yes, an INTEL 386 in a Sun box - it showed just what a
> pig's ear M$ made of exploiting the power of Intel's first 32-bit
> chip) about 10 years ago. Of course csh is the default shell on
> Suns, and I've used it that long I know my way around it, ``!!''
> history and all.

I suppose so. I started using FreeBSD (which was the first time I'd set
eyes on unix[0]) about 15 months ago (I think, I'm not too sure), so I
haven't been using it as long as a lot of people here. I only found it
by chance, as well, while roaming around Sunsite waiting for something
else to download. (*shudder* If I hadn't found it, I might still be
using Windows.) I seem to recall I switched the root shell from /bin/csh
to /bin/sh fairly early on though.  Then I used bash for my login shell,
and only switched to zsh recently.

One thing which hasn't changed (another religious subject coming up,
run for cover) is my choice of editor; I've always used nvi. I've heard
a lot of good things about vim, but never really switched (I looked at
briefly, but wasn't impressed).

I hope I don't start another religious war over this. As far as I'm
concerned, people can use csh and do other such perverted things in the
privacy of their own {home,office}, just don't do it near me, and I
won't force my perverted habits such as using zsh onto you. :-)

[0] well, except a bit of work on a Solaris machine as part of work
experience about three years ago. But I had *very* little work to do on
this, so I didn't learn much. Dunno what version of Solaris, but it was
2.6 back in February when I last saw it. (although why does the login
prompt say "SunOS 5.6"? Can't Sun just give their OS one fscking name,
for $DEITY's sake? And why the fsck did Solaris version numbering jump
from 2.6 to 7? Not as bad as 3.11 to 95, I suppose. Excuse my ignorance
on Solaris related things here, please)

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