PPP Configuration Problems!

Andrew Boothman andrew
Tue Aug 31 22:49:53 BST 1999

On 31-Aug-99 Brian Somers wrote:
> Sorry, I was away :-]


> You can ``allow users *'' if you wanna let everyone in.

OK. Thanks! This has fixed this problem now.
> WRT the Operation not permitted bit, is ppp installed properly ?  
> This error would result if ppp tried to open the tun device as a 
> normal user :-/  Is there anything ``manual'' being done when 
> installing ppp ?

I'm not really sure what you mean here. I'm using ppp as it was installed as
standard on a 3.1 release system. If, for some reason, ppp was trying to open
tun0 as a normal user, how can it be told not to?

Many thanks!
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