Upgrading to FreeBSD 3.2 etc

Charles Brewster ecliptica.ww
Tue Aug 31 22:51:01 BST 1999

Thanks Ben for that observation ...

Yes ... installing a "nicer" shell is what I set out to do ... the original
problem being that bash (which I have reasonably well tamed on my 2.2.7
config with pretty colour shell prompts and everything) wouldn't run on my
new 3.2 installation.

I appreciate that just keeping the default csh for doing stuff as root is a
good idea, but of course when getting up and running with a new
configuration much of what you're doing is as root.

Cheers ... Charlie B ...

>> I don't s'pose you've got any bright ideas for how to get the up and down
>> arrow keys to scroll through the command history in csh?? ... as in bash or
>> in MS DOS with doskey installed ... 
>Why don't you install a nicer shell, like zsh, from the
>port/package? Just keep /bin/csh (*shudder*) or /bin/sh as the shell for
>root, which you don't really need advanced features in. I use `su -m` to
>become root anyway, thus keeping my normal login shell (zsh).
>You can do `set -o emacs' in /bin/sh to make arrow keys work, I'm not
>sure about csh. I *HATE* csh and all its relatives.
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