PPP Configuration Problems!

Rich Wood rich
Tue Aug 31 22:31:42 BST 1999

On 31 Aug 99, at 21:18, Brian Somers wrote:

> Sorry, I was away :-]

Good holiday?
> You can ``allow users *'' if you wanna let everyone in.
> WRT the Operation not permitted bit, is ppp installed properly ?  
> This error would result if ppp tried to open the tun device as a 
> normal user :-/  Is there anything ``manual'' being done when 
> installing ppp ?

FWIW I've seen a similar thing with PPPoISDN, 

[rich at zippy ~]groups
wheel users network
[rich at zippy ~]ls -al /usr/sbin/ppp
-r-sr-xr--  1 root  network  224536 Aug  5 19:16 /usr/sbin/ppp
[rich at zippy ~]grep allow /etc/ppp/ppp.conf
 allow users rich
[rich at zippy ~]ppp demon
bash: /usr/sbin/ppp: Permission denied
[rich at zippy ~]

I've never looked at it any further as it's not a problem for me to run 
ppp as root as it's a single user box. PPP was installed correctly and is 
version 990805.

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