netscape & 3.2

Roger Hardiman roger
Tue Aug 31 18:35:16 BST 1999


> All the 4.x versions of netscape I have tried with 3.2 fail with
> cannot find /usr/libexec/ is this related to and
> should I put a link in or is there another cure, the 3.x versions run
> ok but this machine will handle 4.x quite well so I would prefer
> to use it

There is a bug in the installer for FreeBSD 3.2

Quick fix.
1) download the file from

And copy it to your /usr/libexec/ directory.

Why did it happen?
This file is needed to run some a.out binaries (which Netscape is).
Due to a bug in the creation of the FreeBSD 3.2 install files,
this rather important file was missed out.

Good luck

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