Upgrading to FreeBSD 3.2 etc

Martin Hopkins martin.hopkins
Tue Aug 31 14:54:17 BST 1999

>>>>> "Charlie" == Charles Brewster <ecliptica.ww at virgin.net> writes:

    Charlie> In response to Mark Ovens' suggestion ....
    >>> I can't seem to figure out any straightforward or intuitive way to get a
    >>> $p$g type prompt in the default "csh" shell
    >> alias cd 'cd \!*;set prompt="`hostname`:`pwd`{!}% "'

    Charlie> Yup!! ... that most certainly does the biz .... 

    Charlie> Heartfelt thanks!!

    Charlie> I don't s'pose you've got any bright ideas for how to get
    Charlie> the up and down arrow keys to scroll through the command
    Charlie> history in csh?? ... as in bash or in MS DOS with doskey
    Charlie> installed ...

Take a look at tcsh (it's in the ports) for this functionality as well 
as a few other useful features.


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