Upgrading to FreeBSD 3.2 etc

Roger Hardiman roger
Mon Aug 30 17:40:47 BST 1999


> Perhaps naively, I assumed that I would just be able to
> copy various installed ports, shells, utils etc across from the 2.2.7
> partition, so I didn't specify any ports to be included in the FTP
> install of 3.2. This may have been a mistake, because (as far as I
> can figure it) the old applications have "a.out" binaries and 3.2
> requires "ELF" binaries,

Ok. You CAN run your 2.2.x binaries.
You need to install the COMPAT 2.2 libraries
You can do this from /stand/sysinstall

There was an install bug so you may need to copy your
/usr/libexec/ld.so file from your 2.2.x disk to your 3.x

> Why oh Why does a bare-bones install of FreeBSD not boot up
> (as Linux does) with a shell which has the equivalent of the MSDOS $p$g
> prompt so the user can at least see where s/he is in the directory
> structure??

Well, this is because FreeBSD is a real Unix so we  run sh,
the real unix shell.

Installing BASH can be done easily during install.
During the install, or by running  /stand/sysinstall  
you have the option to install PACKAGES.
One of these is BASH, so you can make it setup back as it installs.


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