Transferring perl programs from MS to FreeBSD

Richard Smith richard
Wed Aug 25 12:37:20 BST 1999

Charles Brewster wrote:
> Here's a peculiar one:
> If I write a simple perl program in MS DOS using, something like:
> $phrase = "Hello World!\n\n";
> print $phrase;
> save it as and run it with the perl interpreter, it works fine.
> If I then boot FreeBSD, mount the DOS partition, mcopy the perl program
> file across, change the permissions with chmod 777, and add as the first line:
> #!/usr/bin/perl -w
> (which works fine with perl scripts I write in FreeBSD with emacs),
> I can't get the perl program originally written in MS DOS to work.
> Trying to run it with ./ doesn't work, so I tried changing the
> file name to hellow without the MS DOS extension (for no particular good
> reason, but just trying to get things to look as much the same as
> possible), still nothing. All I get is the FreeBSD shell prompt back on the
> next line as if I had just pressed [enter] on its own at the prompt.
> I thought perhaps there was some invisible difference in the new line
> codes, so I tried re-doing each end-of-line in emacs, but still no joy.

Try looking at the file using ee, because DOS EOL codes will show up as
a ^M and can be easily deleted. I suspect that emacs is being too clever
and just handling it.

Other than that, I can't reproduce the problem on 3.2 with and without
DOS EOL, although this problem has tripped me up in the past with shell


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