smtp relay

Steve Greenshaw steve
Fri Aug 20 21:16:18 BST 1999

I run 2.2.5, but this sounds like the problems I got when upgrading my version
of Sendmail.

You need to edit the file '/etc/' to include your own domain and any
other domains you have that use your server. If there is no '' in
your '/etc' then 'touch /etc/', edit it and 'killall -HUP sendmail'
to restart sendmail.

Good, practical source of info. regarding upgrading Sendmail can be found at the
excellent FreeBSD Diary:



Kevin O'Connor wrote:

> Just upgraded the server from 2.7  to 3.2 and all out going mail is returned
> with refused relay and my daily run output shows rejected mail hosts.
> I assume this implmentation of smtp will not relay by default but I need an
> open relay server how do I alter it.
> Regards
> Kevin
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