smtp relay

Matthew Seaman m.seaman
Fri Aug 20 11:51:36 BST 1999

Kevin O'Connor wrote:
> Just upgraded the server from 2.7  to 3.2 and all out going mail is returned
> with refused relay and my daily run output shows rejected mail hosts.
> I assume this implmentation of smtp will not relay by default but I need an
> open relay server how do I alter it.

You probably want to add




to your sendmail .mc file.  The first will let any host in the named domain
relay through the server --- add as many entries as you have domains to
relay.  The second reads the list of hosts to relay for out of the given file.

When making world, you can over-ride the default by adding


in /etc/make.conf and crafting your own /usr/src/etc/sendmail/


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