BS/DEL with xterm local & remote

Dominic Mitchell dom
Fri Aug 20 07:17:59 BST 1999

On Thu, Aug 19, 1999 at 08:05:11AM +0100, Richard Smith wrote:
> Yes, I discovered that when trying to run rsh :). Fixed it though, my
> way perhaps, by protecting it in an "if [[ -o LOGIN ]]" statement. If
> you saw my zshenv, you'ld probably cringe, I even start X from within it
> :)

Blimey.  Still, if it works for you, that's good.

> Do you use zsh at all or are you just generally knowledgeable in all
> shells?

I'm a keen zsh advocate.  I do use it, all the time...

If you've got any good tips, I'm in the middle of writing an article I
would like to submit to daemon news on the subject...

would like to submit do daemon news on rt

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