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Fri Aug 13 11:58:09 BST 1999

> On Tue, 10 Aug 1999, Brian Somers wrote:
> > The cheapest domain hosting I've seen is Force9.  They do it for a 
> > one-off cost of #50.
> Are Force9 any good?  I tried them early last year after you said some
> good things about them in comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.misc but found them to be
> not all that good.  Some problems at the time were:
> 1) Very poor external bandwidth - e.g. access to the UK academic network
> was very very slow.
> 2) Poor news service - which appeared to consist of 3 unsynchronised linux
> boxes one of which (not always the same one) was always down or
> overloaded.
> 3) Poor e-mail service - my F9 mailbox was getting spammed by another
> company in the F9 group before I even used it.  I also noted that their
> POP3 server didn't add headers that would enable fetchmail to reliably
> deliver to multiple users via the one host based POP3 mailbox they
> provided.
> Have things changed?

The news servers are synchronised now but continue to miss articles - 
ie, news is still lousy.

I never saw bandwidth problems though.

I left them after an argument about their NASs - one of them didn't 
work and was new.  When I told them about this they said there was 
nothing wrong.  I pointed out that the IP number was on a different 
network from the rest of the NASs and provided them with logs showing 
consistent failures.  The referred me to a newsgroup !

At that point I reminded them that I was paying them money for this 
service and didn't want to whinge to a newsgroup when *they* broke 
things and they continued to fail to do anything about it.

Shortly afterwards, a public announcement was made saying that they 
were very sorry about the routing failures through some of their NASs.

I'm now with Pavilion.  I can guarantee they're good 'cos things are 
run on the tech side by Joe Karthauser.  Joe runs this list and 
provides network bandwidth to - have a look at 
their www site - they provide usage graphs too.

That's of course assuming you don't ignore what I recommend now as a 
matter of course :-)

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