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Ben Smithurst ben
Thu Aug 12 22:34:55 BST 1999

Jose Marques wrote:

> 3) Poor e-mail service - my F9 mailbox was getting spammed by another
> company in the F9 group before I even used it.  I also noted that their
> POP3 server didn't add headers that would enable fetchmail to reliably
> deliver to multiple users via the one host based POP3 mailbox they
> provided.

Their mail relays seem to be overloaded as well:

1999-08-12 18:19:34 11EyU8-0005Fq-00 []: Operation timed out
1999-08-12 18:20:08 11EyU8-0005Fq-00 []: Interrupted system call
1999-08-12 18:21:23 11EyU8-0005Fq-00 []: Connection refused
1999-08-12 18:22:38 11EyU8-0005Fq-00 []: Operation timed out

This happened while other things on my link were working fine. That
Interrupted system call one could have been caused by something at my
end, but that wasn't a Force9 machine anyway. All the Force9 machines
were screwed.  This isn't a one off thing either, I've seen similar
things before, and I've seen reports of similar things from other

I beleive Force9 also provide connectivity to Insight UK, who are
spammers, as we know. (I wasn't personally spammed by them, but I've
seen enough reports to justify me never buying anything from them

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