Domain hosting

Goddard, David David.Goddard
Thu Aug 12 11:05:02 BST 1999

Take a look at the Public DNS server at - not
very well publicised (which is probably for the best...)

The only catch is that you have to edit the DNS records yourself, but I'm
sure that doesn't pose a problem for the likes of FreeBSD people :-)

There is also Capibara's freedomain project
( which will let you set up a
virtual web server as a bonus.


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> Subject: Domain hosting
> I know some of you out there are in the ISP business so I 
> hope I won't be 
> regarded as too far off topic to ask what the best (cheapest?) way of 
> getting a domain name hosted, at least with a redirection to 
> a web server, 
> and probably some email forwarding would be.  I've noticed 
> that 
> is available so I thought I'd be a sad geek and take it.

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