Nikon LS1000 and 3.2

Martin Smith martin
Mon Aug 9 16:06:03 BST 1999

I seem to have slight problem with the Nikon LS1000 Coolscan and FBSD 3.2
during the scan of the scsi bus the scanner winks away and nothing
happens, in fact nothing happened for several minutes so I reluctantly
gave it the 3 finger salute, it never gets as far as mounting any disks,
just sits there winking at me!

I have done a search through all the documentation Ican find, I discovered
that the 3.2 cd only contains the handbook for 2.2.8 and the most up to
gate on seemed to be 3.1, but still no mention if this
scanner, which, incidentally works fine in win95 and linux

Any thoughts welcome


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