Crash when trying to install 4.0-19990806-CURRENT

Steven Fletcher flec
Mon Aug 9 10:13:56 BST 1999

This message went to -smp and -scsi, but no response as yet, so I'm
hoping if anyone else here could advise :-)


Hi all.=20

I'm tryingt to install 4.0-19990806-CURRENT on an Intel SC450NX machine,
which currently has a Mylex DAC960 controller (I know these aren't
supported yet... but I hope to go via an Adaptec controller or similar.

Anyway, as soon as the kern.flp install floppy is plonked in, the
following is dumped to the screen and the system stops.

int=3D0000000d err=3D00000000 efl=3D00030002 eip=3D0000f273
eax=3D0000fa09 ebx=3D0000faa0 ecx=3D00000001 edx=3D0009fa09
esi=3D00000270 edi=3D000000d1 ebp=3D000003d4 esp=3D000003d0
cs=3Df000 ds=3D9f80 es=3D9f80 fs=3D0040 gs=3D0000 ss=3D9c7d

cs:eip=3D0f 01 54 08 2e 0f 01 1e-c2 f1 0f 20 c0 0c 01 0f
ss:esp=3D03 00 00 c8 00 c8 80 9f-d1 00 70 02 00 00 e8 03
System halted

I give it a three fingered salute and get the following back:
DAC960: System BIOS fatal error - INT 15H function 87H (Copy extended
memory) failed.

At which point even the keyboard stops responding.

Does anyone know what's going on here?

If anyone can help pleae respond to me directly also, as I am not
subscribed to this list.

Steven Fletcher - steven at / flec at
       Shellnet -

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