PPP Configuration Problems!

Andrew Boothman andrew at cream.org
Sun Aug 29 18:43:09 BST 1999

On 28-Aug-99 Mark Ovens wrote:
>> Even with "allow users" in the default section or in an ISP section, even
>> though
>> it runs fine as root.
>> If I allow access to a spacific user, using "allow user andrew" I get :
> That's correct. You need to specify the usernames, it's not a global
> thing, i.e. allow *these* users, not allow *all* users.

Are you sure? I'm sure (although I can't find it now) that the man page says
that you can allow access for all users.
>> "Warning : No available tunnel devices found (Operation not permitted)
>>  Warning : Bundle_create : No such file or directory"
> Have you got an instance of pppalready running? By default only
> one tunnel device exists (/dev/tun0) but you need a separate one
> for each instance of ppp.

No. This is the only PPP running. And /dev/tun0 is present and everything works
when logged in as root.
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