PPP Configuration Problems!

Andrew Boothman andrew at cream.org
Sat Aug 28 18:44:35 BST 1999


I'm having a bit of trouble configuring PPP. I want to enable any user on my
system to use ppp.

Whenever I run ppp as a normal user I get

"default: User access denied"

Even with "allow users" in the default section or in an ISP section, even though
it runs fine as root.

If I allow access to a spacific user, using "allow user andrew" I get :

"Warning : No available tunnel devices found (Operation not permitted)
 Warning : Bundle_create : No such file or directory"

Can anyone help? I'm using FreeBSD 3.1-R and PPP Version 2.0, dated 1998/12/14


Andrew Boothman <andrew at cream.org>
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