smtp relay

Kevin O'Connor kevin at
Mon Aug 23 13:07:39 BST 1999

>Just upgraded the server from 2.7  to 3.2 and all out going mail is returned
>with refused relay and my daily run output shows rejected mail hosts.
I> assume this implmentation of smtp will not relay by default but I need an
>open relay server how do I alter it.

Haveing played about with this problem over the weekend I've settled
on creating  "/etc/mail/relay-domains" and just putting the domains that can
relay through us in there ( not the best approach as all my home users have to
have their ISPs listed.)  I would have liked to use the access_db approach but I
can't seem to get sendmail to read it( I've put it in /etc/mail/access) so if
anyone has this method working a few(lots) of pointers would be nice.

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