BS/DEL with xterm local & remote

Brian Somers brian at
Thu Aug 19 09:21:21 BST 1999

mark at said:
> Hmmm, I wonder if it's always been that way? I've just #'d out the
> stty line in ~/.cshrc and ~/.profile, rebooted (just to make
> absolutely sure) and, as you say, BS works as destructive backspace.
> I've had the same ~/.cshrc since I started FreeBSD at 2.1.5 and I'm
> sure I added the stty because it was needed, or maybe I just copied
> the one off my Sun at work, it's that long ago I can't remember. 

This is my fault.  About a year ago (or more?) I changed syscons so 
that it selects the erase character based on your current keyboard 
maps BS value :-)

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