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> Are Force9 any good?  


Up until a month or so ago, F9 had a _very_ bad problem with usenet spam
(they were one of the top5 originating sites for spam), but appear to have
worked out how to install cleanfeed and aren't as much of a problem anymore
(BTInternet on the other hand are rapidly heading for a UDP). At the time of
the spam problem one of the Force9 management got annoyed with people
complaining about Force9 in a newsgroup and started a very childish
name-calling/slanging-match with various people. This did a lot of damaged
to their reputation, although at that point the only reputation they had was
as a corporate spam-haven.

They were also involved in a mass-mailing of UCE by Insight (who I believe
are their parent company) to many Freeserve and Demon customers, and appear
to have done nothing about it. They didn't respond to any complaints.

They repeatedly published misleading and incorrect comparisons between ISP's
within their adverts, AFAIK this continued after Demon's legal team
contacted them.

Their 0800 access offering is evidently a farce, they refuse to give you the
number, pointing you at a portal site which was(is?) broken and won't give
you the number.

Their technical support was a joke when I had an account (although this may
have improved).

Basically, avoid them like the plague.

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