kernel boot stops at qlogic ISP controller

janvrt freebsd-uk at
Sun Aug 8 22:30:15 BST 1999


i have 2 digital workstations 433a ( Miata )and i'm migrating from Linux

to Freebsd release 3.2, due to high disk i/o trouble  on linux.
I worked with linux for 4 years but i'm new to freebsd.

Install worked fine. Only 1 scsi HD ( dec ) was connected to the
ISP ( Qlogic ) scsi card.
Then I added my 2 QUANTUM ATLAS IV 9 WLS 9312. When booting
the kernel  stopped at the SCSI controller ( waiting 15 seconds for
scsi .... )
When removing 1 of the 2  ATLAS disks no problems.
The scsi id's are ok : root disk on scsi id 0 ATLAS disks on 4 & 5.
( tested with other id's aswell ) ( same setup worked fine with linux )
there are 4 da devices created in the /dev dir.
Are there things i have to add to the kernel ? ( guess not )
Are there known problems with those disks or the ISP scsi controller ?
Any help would be appreciated.



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